2011 Year of Acceleration and Advancement
Message and Prophecy delivered by Pastor Turkson on Jan 1, 2011

2011 a year of great harvest; you will reap in the same year. You will reap 100-fold;
a great bumper harvest; the year of divine acceleration and divine advancement.
God will do a quick work. We will move upward; great advancement; great progress.

A scripture to guide us in 2011: Psalm 65:11

Thou crownest the year with thy goodness; and thy paths drop fatness.

God crowned the year with His goodness and His pathways overflow with His rich
harvest. The year is crowned with the good you give; life-giving rain is dropping
from your footsteps

Galatians 4:28 says that we are children of promise. We were born by God. We are
born in fulfillment of God's promise just as Isaac was in the fulfillment of a word
God gave to Abraham; a promise. Things will happen to me -- will happen
regardless of my natural circumstances; but because of a promise that God made.
God can be trusted. He is faithful. It is a year of yes, yes and amen.

The unknowns will be known. They will be forces to be reckoned with.

Nobody will stop you from receiving the word of God; from experiencing the word
of God manifesting in your life.

Find your voice. It has come time to find your voice. Don’t die without letting the
world hear your voice. Don’t let the crowd stop you. (Example: Blind Bartimaeus)

2011 is the year of destiny revolution. It will take a revolution like Blind Bartimaeus.
He cried out louder than the crowd and caused Jesus to stop.

May God stop for you this year because he sees your faith like his.

Throw off mentality that keeps you bound; like Bartimaeus threw off those beggarly

This year you shall be celebrated not tolerated; Philemon 6: If you acknowledge it
you shall project that.

The privilege is greater than the cost. The privilege of serving God is greater than
what it’s costing you. Example: Isaac’s life was used as the door to bring Jesus into
the earth.

Luke 15: when we sin against a father we sin against heaven.

Revelations in Genesis 26:

Verse 1: Go not down to Egypt; you want to go up not down; you want to go up; you
need to apply force or pressure to go up. If you live your life in neutral you’re
going down. So apply the effort of faith.
Verse 2: The best place for you to be is where God has sent you.

Learn to take correction.

Verse 3: Sojourn is temporary. There is a better place and there is something
better. Let your mind be temporal when it comes to material things.

In the famine Isaac sowed in the land. Satan knows your blessing is coming. The
accuser of the brethren will point his finger at you this year but keep on pressing
on in faith. Know that the 100-fold blessing is coming and sow the seed of the
word. Confess the word; plant the seed of the word; pray the word throughout your
trial; hold onto the word; your miracle will come. Keep living; keep moving forward;
good times, bad times move on.

Verse 13: Year of divine acceleration and advancement is found in this verse:
Isaac waxed great and he went forward until he became very great.

2011 – You are going to move faster than your enemies, your competitors; because
all of creation will serve you; the moon will serve you; the sun will serve you; the
stars will serve you; the soil will serve you. In the time of famine the soil served
Isaac. The sand beneath your feet will serve you. By faith the moon and the sun
and the stars served Joshua according to Joshua 10. Believe it. It will happen for

This year will be a year of great results. You will get results. We see this in Isaac’s
life; wherever he sowed he got results. Where he dug wells he got results. This
year whatever you do you’ll get results. This year there will be infallible proofs of
God’s presence in your life. (Genesis 26: 29)

You are now the blessed of the Lord.

Creation will serve you. The heavens will pour out blessings for you, says the Lord.

This is a new day that has dawned for you in 2011. It is a day of new mercies; a day
of greater glory; a day of new goodness; new love; laughter, dancing and rejoicing.
It’s a morning with a fresh beginning. It’s a morning of dew and freshness. It’s a
new day.

You have lived and I have kept you alive said God, to come to this moment – to this
day; to your now; to the present; and it really is that, a present; a gift from God. A
present must be celebrated; must be rejoiced in; so remember to celebrate.
Celebrate yourselves; celebrate your victories because I’m with you to give you
victory every day.

This is your day of new opportunities as I the living God have allowed you to see a
new day, and allow you each day to arise, know that by your rising up from bed your
spirit arises. Your soul rises. Your riches rise up with you. Your wealth rises up.
Your career rises up with you; favor, glory arise with you; your star arise with you;
enlargement arises for you.

I the living God will change the order. I will change rules and traditions for your
sake. Just as I changed the rule for Ephraim to come ahead of Manasseh, I will do
for you. As I changed the destiny of Jabez from sorrow to honor, so will I do for you.
As I brought David from the backside of the wilderness and in a day put him ahead
of his brothers so expect me to accelerate your destiny. Your destiny will receive
promotion this year. In fact I release that anointing on you this day. I poured it out;
some knew it; others did not know; but I tell you this day that you may know that the
anointing to make you faster, move faster than chariots, move faster than those
who were ahead of you, that anointing is upon you.

Have I not said in my word that the children of the barren one are more than the
one who was married? You will not lack for anything. I will make your business like
the land of Goshen in Egypt. Through the world’s tough economic climate
remember that I said I will make your land like Goshen. When there was trouble in
Egypt my people in Goshen were rejoicing and celebrating their victories.

Revelation about the Birds

But I teach you this; learn to move from weakness to strength by learning how to
bend your knee in prayer. Then God said to me He said this; He said to me didn’t I
tell you to look at the lives of animals and learn things from them. I said in Proverbs
6, and He’s talking to me, go to the ant and consider her ways and you be wise. So
concerning moving from weakness to strength through learning how to bend your
knees, He said to me look at the birds that go to sleep standing on branches. Why
don’t they fall off when they’re asleep? It’s because I taught them how to bend
their knee; and when they bend their knees their claws grab on to the branches; so
as long as their knees are bent they will never fall off. Tell my people that when
they learn to bend their knee in prayer they grip my promises and they will never
fall off. Learn to bend your knees this year and you will never fail; you will never fall

Genesis 26: 13-14, Isaac also had possessions of gold and possessions of silver
because his father Abraham had them (Genesis 24:35); camels and donkeys

You’re going to be so blessed it will incur the displeasure of your enemies. It will
bring envy. As Bro. Nickson said earlier this is actually a necessary part of life
because it keeps us on bended knee; keeps us going back to God. When there is
no pressure from any side people tend to forget God. So together with the
blessings will come persecutions so that you keep going back to God and you
remember that it is God who gave you the wealth; you didn’t make it yourself.

God said your increase of riches will not necessarily cushion you from reality.
There will be envy; there will be opposition and accusation; there will be enmity,
anger and bitterness; even rejection from former allies and friends. But instead
you are to continue to work diligently; continue to sow the seed of the word. Work
assiduously to preserve your inheritance and you will be handsomely rewarded for
your hard work and tenacity.

Unlike Esau you will have unstoppable favor. Esau lost favor with his father by
marrying two women (bigamy); and then the women were unbelievers; so he lost
more favor Genesis 26:34-35). Unlike Esau you will have unstoppable favor. So as
your favor is increasing, your enemy’s favor is decreasing. You will not move away
from your family’s favor. In Genesis 26 Esau lost Isaac’s and Rebekah’s favor.
There will be times this year when you’ll be on trial but continue to be like Isaac a
farmer and sow your seed; the seed of the word; and then move further ahead of
sowing and be a well digger. That means you must be prayerful and invite the
Spirit, the water of the Spirit to come upon the seeds that you’ve sown. Amen. In
Genesis 26:19, wells signify the Spirit; a well of springing water is living water
(John 4). God says this is unfailing water. The Holy Spirit will not fail you; he will not
disappoint you; he will not leave you, not this year. After you sow the seed get into
prayer on bended knee. First well contention; second well enmity; when you sense
this you must move from there. There are certain warfares you don’t need to fight
this year; you’ve got to remember this. There are certain battles you don’t ever
fight; walk away; just away; just away; In 2 Kings 3:19-25 when your enemy stopped
your well it meant they wanted to fight you. Some battles this year you will have to
deal with them with a direct frontal attack. Others you will have to back up and deal
with them a different way. Don’t do the same thing that you’ve always done. Change
the strategy.

Pastoral Blessing over the Congregation:

May God bless you; may God keep you; may God give you uncommon favor and
unusual miracles. May God give you tangible testimonies of his presence. May God
give you a bumper harvest this year; unusual provision. May this year be a year of
destiny revolution and change. May your upliftment come now. May this year be a
year of results and infallible proofs of God’s presence in your life. May the
heavens above you be open to pour out the rain of heaven upon you; and may your
earth beneath you drink in of the rain of heaven and produce for you 30, 60, 100
fold. May you experience completion; fulfillment in your life this year in the name of
Jesus. What you began may you finish this year in the name of Jesus. May the
projects be completed and be completed quickly by the wisdom of God in the name
of Jesus. May God make you wiser than your teachers, professors, contemporaries
and colleagues in the name of Jesus Christ. May God make you 10 times better
than those who compete against you in the name of Jesus. You are blessed with a
spirit of divine favor. You are blessed with a spirit of divine acceleration and
divine advancement. As Isaac was, so are we children of promise. May you live to
see the promises of God fulfilled in your life. May you not build and another inherit.
May you build and may you inherit. May you enjoy the fruits of your labor
yourselves, in the name of Jesus Christ. May you not see and not taste. May you
see and taste of the blessings of God and of the goodness of God and say that the
Lord is good. This year you will see and you will taste. You’ll see and you’ll enjoy.
You will see and enjoy and say the Lord has been good to me. The curse of seeing
and not tasting is broken; it’s over; it is removed in Jesus name. The curse of
seeing others enjoy and you never enjoy is lifted off of you this year in Jesus
name. Your day of victory has dawned. Your day of Yes, Yes; Yes, Yes; yes and
Amen to all the promises of God for you as a child of promise has come. The year of
the double is here 2011; 2 0 1 1 in the name Jesus. May you experience that double
this year, in Jesus name. After one, may you see another one. May God say Yes to
you and say Amen to you, in the name of Jesus. Thank you Father for the 100 fold
return on all seed sown; the seed of prayer; the seed of commitment; the seed of
devotion to God; the seed of fasting and prayer; the seed of sowing the word; the
seed of digging wells. May the people of God come into the place where they are
complete as Isaac did. May you find your Sheba, 7-fold blessing in the name of
Jesus, the place of completion; God bring you there this year in Jesus name.
Father we thank you; we praise you for your blessings that make rich to which you
add no sorrow. According to Proverbs 10:22 your blessings make rich and you add
no sorrow to the blessings. We’re grateful. We bless you. We thank you. We praise
you. In the name of Jesus for a great year that has come and gone but we were
kept alive; delivered from danger, hurt, accidents, healed of diseases; kept alive to
see the beginning of a glorious year. Thank you. Thank you. I pray that everyone
here will receive new mercies today and every day of this year. May you crown this
year with your goodness. May you go ahead of us. Wherever you tread produce
increase, fatness; success for us; riches for us; your pathways drop with fatness.
Thank you for stepping into this year ahead of us; paving the way for us to step in
the footsteps of God. You said you left us an example that we should walk in your
footsteps. In our spirit we arise and we walk in your footstep. By faith we arise and
we walk in your footstep. I take that step. I take that step. Somebody take that step
now in your spirit. Arise and see yourself taking that step. God’s giant step is in
front of you. You arise in the name of Jesus and take that step. See yourself; see
yourself step into it. See yourself step into it. Hallelujah! According to Psalm 65:11,
God’s steps will drop with fatness. I want somebody to see this in their human
spirit, and see yourself step into that place. The Bible says that 1 Peter 1:21, Jesus
Christ left us an example that we should follow his footsteps; his footsteps. Step in
it. Step in it. See yourself walking by the direction of God. O Saints he has made it
easy for you. He has made it easy for you. You can see that path. He has stepped
there. You can see his footprint. Step in it. Step in it. It’s easy. You cannot drift to
the left or drift to the right. You’ll not go off. He has made it easy for you this year.
He has made it easy. See it. See it. See yourself stepping in his footprints.
Hallelujah! Hallelujah! I see me walking in it, in the name of Jesus Christ. See
yourself; you can do it, in the name of Jesus. This year take that giant step. Take
that step now! Take that step now! The same God is speaking to us. As Isaac was so
are we. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! May your ears be open to hear. Your eyes be open to
see. Hear what thus says the Lord; see visions of God this year. May you receive
wisdom from heaven above in the name of Jesus Christ; in the name of Jesus.
Thank you Lord. God bless you.